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St OLAVE, Hart Street

St OLAVE, Hart Street
St OLAVE, Hart Street

On the corner of Hart Street and Seething Lane, this is one of the smallest churches in the City of London and one of a handful to survive the Great Fire of 1666 - thanks in this case to the efforts of Sir William Penn (father of the founder of Pennsylvania). It was Samuel Pepys' favourite church - he lived and worked on Seething Lane and is buried, with his wife, under the nave. Some say St Olave's is built on or near the site of the legendary Battle of London Bridge in 1014, in which Olaf II of Norway fought alongside Ethelred the Unready against the Danes. Anyway, the church is dedicated to St Olaf, the patron saint of Norway. It was gutted by bombing during WW2 and restored in 1954. It has some lovely memorials and a fascinating medieval crypt chapel, with a well.

8 Hart Street
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