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St BRIDE’S, Fleet Street

St BRIDE’S, Fleet Street
St BRIDE’S, Fleet Street

Known as the journalists' church, St Brides, just off Fleet Street, is dedicated to a 5th century Irish saint, St Bridget - or St Bride - of Kildare. The fascinating crypt reveals layers of construction, from Roman times onward, and includes a fascinating museum as well as a 14th century chapel, refurbished in modern style. The crypt was not discovered until 1953. The parents of the first white child born in colonial America in 1585 were married in this church. The church was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666 and was rebuilt by Wren; the spire is the tallest he built - 234 feet - and was the inspiration for the tiered wedding cake. The interior was rebuilt in the 1950s after destruction in World War Two. The Journalists' Altar commemorates journalists from all over the world who have died or been injured during the course of their work.

Fleet Street
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Near Ludgate Circus
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