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Silbury Hill is the largest man-made prehistoric mound in Europe. It was built roughly at the same time as some Egyptian pyramids, approx 2,400BC, and is about 130 feet (39 metres) high and 1,640 feet (500 metres) round. Its purpose is completely unknown.

Silbury Hill can be viewed from a path between Avebury and the A4 at West Kennet, but, to prevent damage, there is strictly no access to the hill itself. It is part of a prehistoric landscape that includes Avebury Henge, stone avenues and burial chambers.

Location/Address: West Kennett
Nr Avebury
County: Wiltshire
Post Code: SN8 1QH
Main Historic Period: Prehistory
Link to featured article: The enigma of Silbury Hill
Tip/Nearby: Avebury, Avebury Henge, Keiller Museum, West Kennet Long Barrow, stone avenues and Windmill Hill are all within walking distance. Park in Avebury.
Primary Management: English Heritage
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