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ROBERT BURNS Birthplace Museum

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
ROBERT BURNS Birthplace Museum

Celebrating the life and works of Robert Burns (1759-1796), this is a modern, custom-built museum and visitor centre including shops, restaurant and kids' adventure playground. The latter is amazing, incorporating images from the poet's works into the play facilities. The museum tells the story of Burns' relatively short, but prolific, life based on themes, rather than a logical sequence of events. Geared to the already converted rather than creating new fans, the museum is still interesting. Combine with a visit to Robert Burns' Birthplace, Alloway Old Kirk, Burns Monument and Brig o' Doon.

Murdoch's Lone
Burns Museum website (NTS)
Robert Burns' cottage, where was born, Alloway Old Kirk, the Burns Monument and Brig o' Doon are all within walking distance.
National Trust for Scotland
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