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Pevensey Castle, East Sussex

Pevensey Castle is steeped in history. It began life as a Roman fortress, one of several guarding 'the Saxon Shore' against pirates in the 3rd century AD, and its outer walls are still there. In 1066, William the Conqueror landed nearby - not in Normans Bay as many think, because the coastline was wholly different then. William constructed a pre-fabricated fort to secure his beachhead - almost certainly within the old Roman walls - before setting off to defeat the English at the Battle of Hastings. The Normans built a more permanent castle at Pevensey, added to and refurbished over the years, and undergoing four sieges, before finally declining in the 16th century. Joan of Navarre was imprisoned here for witchcraft by her step-son, Henry V.  However, Pevensey sprang into use once more, in 1940, when pillboxes and other defences were cunningly constructed within the old ruins, to help defend Britain against the expected German invasion.

There's a great cafe just outside the castle and a nice looking pub too!

Castle Road
East Sussex
BN24 5LE
Seven Sisters, Herstmonceux, Battle Abbey
English Heritage
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