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A 17th century 'Ducal Mansion' built on the site of the city's medieval castle, only parts of which remain (some of the walls and the gatehouse, for example). The castle towers over the city centre on a natural mound known as castle rock, which is riddled with caves (some of which can be visited). A Norman castle was constructed in 11th century, which went on to become a royal residence, was once occupied by the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham and was where King Charles I raised his standard, marking the start of the English Civil War. The Ducal Mansion was burned by a mob in 1832 and restored later in the 19th century. It now houses a museum dedicated to local history, an art gallery and the regimental museum of the Sherwood Foresters. The grounds are now gardens and there is a famous statue of the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood, outside the castle on Castle Road.

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