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Lewes Castle was built by the Norman William de Warenne, the Earl of Surrey, sometime around 1069, initially in wood. The castle was held by the de Warenne family until 1347, after which it slowly declined. It is a rare example (only two in Britain, the other being at Lincoln) of a castle with two mottes - defensive hills. One, Brack Mont, is inaccessible and stands adjacent to what is now a bowling green, once the castle's tilting yard. The remaining keep has been repaired, was used as a residence in the 18th century, and is largely intact, with great views of Lewes and the surrounding hills from the top. The castle also has a fine 14th century barbican gate and tower. The Battle of Lewes, between King Henry III and the rebel baron, Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, was fought on nearby downland and in the fields surrounding the town on 14th May 1264. The castle is owned and managed by the Sussex Archaeological Museum, who also run a museum with artefacts dating from prehistoric to medieval times in Barbican House, opposite the castle, which is also the place to buy your tickets. Be wary of weddings and other events closing all or part of the castle - check the website before you make a special trip.

169 High Street
East Sussex
Anne of Cleves' House
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