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Eamont Bridge

At first glance, the village of Eamont Bridge seems a little uninspiring. It is situated close to Penrith, on the A6 - which used to be the main road leading to Scotland. In the 11th century, the River Eamont here marked the border between England and Scotland.  Even further back, and Eamont Bridge stood on the border of the old Welsh kingdom of Strathclyde and was where, on 12 July 927 AD, a great council took place and all the kings and leaders of Britain paid homage to the first king of all the English, Athelstan, grandson of King Alfred the Great. Furthermore, Eamont Bridge boasts at least two prehistoric monuments - King Arthur's Round Table and Mayburgh Henge.

Nr Penrith
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Dark Ages
The importance of Eamont Bridge
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