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A Bit About Britain is a personal project that aims to inspire, inform and entertain.   If you’re looking for ideas for places to visit, you should find some inspiration in the growing ATTRACTION DIRECTORY.  If you like stories, hopefully you will like browsing the articles, or posts, on the BLOG.  These are aimed at people who are just interested in the topic, or want enough information to provide a taster about a place, and put it in context, but who don't want to wade through a dry academic tome or detailed guide book - yet.  Or perhaps you'd like to take a gentle stroll through BRITAIN'S REGIONS... there are links all over this page - click and explore - but, whatever you do, don't take it too seriously.

Britain's history in pieces

Put Britain's heritage attractions in context. There's a potted history of Britain for you to scroll through, from ancient to modern.

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History timelines

Discover the key events in British history. Choose a timeline for any period from prehistoric times to the present (almost).

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Kings & Queens

Which king ruled when and what are they famous for? Explore British monarchs from the earliest times.

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Horseguards on the Mall
Stonehenge, Wiltshire.
Highclere Castle, Hampshire
East Anglia is famous for its windmills.  This is Thurne drainage mill, in Norfolk.
Mary Arden's Farm
Durham Cathedral and the River Wear
Scotland remote
York's shambles.
Snowdon, Yr Wyddfa

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