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The attraction directory contains every place listed on A Bit About Britain so far.  Search by region, find castles, stately homes - and so on.  More entries are added every week.

Visit A Bit About Britain's blog to find all the stories, featured attractions - and the occasional moan. If you're looking for the latest posts for a particular region, click 'Inspiration' on the main menu.

Put Britain's attractions in context. A Bit About Britain offers a series of articles, giving an overview of Britain’s story. If you disliked history at school, you might enjoy it now.

What are the key dates in British history?  Browse a timeline for any period from prehistory to modern times.

Which king or queen ruled when, and what are they famous for?  Discover a bit about 97 British monarchs.

What and where is Britain anyway?  What does the United Kingdom mean?  You’ll even find a list of prime ministers...

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